Choose the Right Kitchen Sink for your Home!

  • By Tony Mullan
  • 13 Mar, 2017

Planning a brand new kitchen means contemplating a huge number of complicated and confusing decisions, from the layout, the design, the cabinets, the lighting... flooring...tiles… the list goes on and on! However there is one decision that often gets left until last minute, drowned out by all the more daunting kitchen decisions… what kind of sink will you choose?

Don’t know where to start? Here are a couple of options to think about:

1/ Size isn’t Everything… But It Can Make A Big Difference

With so many shapes and sizes of sink to choose from nowadays, you need to consider the pros and cons. With available sinks getting larger and deeper, you can soak larger pans and dishes, it also makes preparing large amounts of food an easier task. Larger, deeper sinks such as Farmhouse sinks are very popular, however they lack versatility compared to double sinks.

2/ How Many?

Although you may not be able to fit the largest of dishes into your sink, unlike the deeper sinks mentioned above, double sinks allow you to wash up, drain food and wash your hands simultaneously. If you are a larger family, or multiple people use the kitchen, this would be the better option. The flexibility of dual sinks makes them even more popular than large single sinks, despite their size restrictions. However, it is worth noting that although most dual sinks come in a 60:40 ratio, the customisation options are nearly limitless. Three sinks is also an option, with some people preferring a central sink hosting the garbage disposal.

3/ What Material?

Kitchen sinks are typically made from stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, solid surfaces and composites. For family homes stainless steel, particularly lower-gauge stainless steel sinks are often the most appropriate, as they are more  hard-wearing than other alternatives. Although these sinks can be noisy, sound absorption technology is available to counter this problem. On the other hand, enamel-coated cast iron sinks are generally the prettiest - if you are tough on sinks then this material is more likely to scratch, but is still exceptionally popular in less hectic (usually children free!) homes. Other more unique options are porcelain, granite composite and natural stone. Ask our experts for more details on these materials.

4/ Finally… The Style

Innovative, creative and unique styles of sink are constantly added to the market. From the traditional Farmhouse or Double-Farmhouse sink to sinks with rounded sides, built in drainboards, lowered dividers and other accessories, the options are endless. Colourful sinks are now even on the market for a quirky alternative to the traditional sink tones!

A lot of choices, we know. Think about the style of your new kitchen and which sink will integrate seamlessly with the look you are going for. Our experts are experienced in picking out an original stylish and bespoke sink perfect for your interior, style and lifestyle. For more bespoke advice, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01628 632033 or drop us an email at

By Tony Mullan 03 Jan, 2018

With the start of a new year upon us, our team are getting increasingly excited about the fantastic kitchen trends that will become popular in 2018. Throughout 2017, we have been keeping an eye out for the kitchen styles, products, accessories and appliances that have been gaining momentum. The huge variety of styles that have been reflected in the 2017 market mean the 2018 trends are even more unique and innovative than usual.

So don’t get left behind…  Check out what will be hot next year:

1/ Open Plan Kitchen-Dining Areas

From 2018, kitchens will become more and more ‘liveable’, with comfort beating style and fashion any day. Creating an area that can facilitate any gathering, family meal, cocktail party or dinner date is the ideal. Central islands are perfect for anything from rushed before-school breakfasts to an array of nibbles for your New Year’s Eve party, creating that central hub that brings the whole room together. Think about the space you have and how you can create the most functional layout to ensure any kind of event is possible.

By Tony Mullan 02 Jan, 2018
The Anthony Mullan Furniture team are excited announce that the January sale has finally arrived! Visit our showroom for exclusive offers on bespoke designs, kitchen furniture, cabinets, appliances, islands, studies, bedrooms and more!

Fancy a brand new kitchen, study or bedroom to enjoy in 2018? Has Christmas been an eye-opener to how restrictive your current kitchen space is? Or have you been thinking about investing in a bespoke kitchen for a while and want to get the conversations started? Our team would love to speak to you about how we can transform your interior into a stunning kitchen space, so get in touch on 01628 632 033 or drop us a message on   to book an appointment at our showroom. 

Happy New Year!

By Tony Mullan 27 Nov, 2017

With the festive period coming up, we know everyone is filling up their calendar with shopping days, social events and family get-togethers. Here are our opening times so you can start planning ahead!

20th Dec - Open 8:30am - 5:00pm

21st Dec - Open 8:30am - 5:00pm

22nd Dec - Open 8:30am - 3.00pm

23rd Dec - Closed

34th Dec - Closed

25th Dec - Closed

26th Dec - Closed

27th Dec -  Book by Appointment only

28th Dec -  Book by Appointment only

29th Dec -  Book by Appointment only

30th Dec -  Book by Appointment only

31st Dec - Closed

1st Jan - Closed

2nd Jan - Open 8:30am - 5:00pm

Give our friendly team a ring on 01628 632 033 or contact us  here  to discuss how we can help over this busy December period.

Good luck with all your Christmas preparations and hope to see you soon!

By Tony Mullan 08 Nov, 2017

When redesigning your home, everyone starts at the same point. You need inspiration. From stacks of home magazines to avid Googling to scrolling through Pinterest, you could spend hours looking through random photos from all over the world. However, what if all these photos were in one place and came with advice, reviews and contact details? That’s where  Houzz  comes in! But why is it so good?

By Tony Mullan 26 Oct, 2017

We had a fantastic time exhibiting at The Homebuilding and Renovating Show in the ExCel London! Amongst interior specialists, home consultants and exhibitors from a huge range of different homebuilding sectors, our Anthony Mullan Furniture team were thriving in this amazing environment.

Showcasing our new bespoke kitchen furnishings, designs, appliances and accessories, the stand was busy with visitors wanting to be inspired and advised on all the latest kitchen innovations. We had an incredible few days and met so many amazing people looking for some fantastic bespoke ideas for their home. We are looking forward to starting some of these exciting kitchen projects soon.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and we look forward to seeing you at our next one! Give us a call on 01628 632 033 to speak to our team for more advice and expertise to improve your home with unique bespoke furniture.

By Catherine Dove 22 Sep, 2017

Well… we can’t say that for sure! We know what a crazy period Christmas can be, especially with family, friends, relatives and children all coming to join in the festivities! With so much excitement and chaos surrounding you, the benefits of having a well thought out, comprehensive and innovative kitchen really shine through the madness.

The right kitchen can completely transform your Christmas experience, ensuring the dreaded Christmas dinner preparations are as smooth and easy as possible. So here are a couple of ideas for an exciting kitchen re-design in time for the festive season.

By Tony Mullan 05 Sep, 2017

The multi-award winning home event is nearlly here. Next month, between the 11-15th October, Grand Designs Live will be taking over Birmingham’s NEC to offer all the latest trends for the home as well as many products never seen before.

Based on the Channel 4 TV series, and presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, the event is packed with over 400 exhibitors, across seven different sections offering ideas and inspiration for your very own Grand Design, however big or small.

Anthony Mullan Furniture have a place exhibiting at Stand K1, so come admire and experience the bespoke kitchen appliances, furniture and accessories that our expert team will be happy to fill you in on.

We are excited to soon be offering a limited amount of FREE tickets for this incredible event, so watch this space! 

By Tony Mullan 23 Aug, 2017

On 22-24th September we will be surrounded by an excited and buzzing crowd, everybody ready to be inspired, impressed and motivated by hundreds of renovation, interior design and installation experts. The Homebuilding & Renovating Show will be held at the ExCel in London and will boast a huge variety of exhibitors, masterclasses, demonstrations and seminars.

At Stand D131 Anthony Mullan Furniture will be exhibiting a huge range of bespoke kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories, demonstrating to visitors that their dream kitchen can easily become a reality. From a stunning bespoke kitchen island to Neff and Siemens up-to-date and innovative appliances, we will be showing off some incredible kitchen designs.

The Homebuilding & Renovating Show has so much to offer, so we are especially excited to be giving away free tickets to this exciting event! Get your free tickets here and we look forward to seeing you soon.

By Tony Mullan 20 Jul, 2017

With the summer sun blistering outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on a hot oven in a stuffy kitchen and start prepping. We’ve come up with a couple of tips to ensure you can enjoy your cooking experience in a cool environment, possibly whilst drinking a nice cold glass of wine. Relax this summer, even when prepping the children’s dinner!

Use countertop appliances

Get adventurous and start planning meals that avoid using your usual range oven. How about using your slow cooker, convection oven, microwave, toastie makers and grills to make an old and easy favourite. Reducing the use of your main oven will keep your kitchen so much cooler, so embrace countertop appliances, or why not opt for salads and meals that involve no cooking altogether?

Improve your main appliances

Old ovens, dishwashers and microwaves will let more heat into your kitchen, whilst also wasting energy and utility money. We can help you choose new appliances for your kitchen that are innovative, convenient and energy-saving (and they look great too!).

By Tony Mullan 29 Jun, 2017

This is the third and final blog in a series inspiring you to think about the many functional and aesthetic benefits of getting a kitchen island in your home. If you missed out on the first and second kitchen island inspiration blogs then click  here . If you’re ready for an even better batch of island inspiration then keep reading…

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