Come & See The Incredible Quooker Fusion Tap on Display

  • By Tony Mullan
  • 20 Apr, 2015

Quooker is fast becoming a 'must have' for the modern kitchen and we're delighted to have the Fusion tap on display in our showroom for you to come and see.

The tap enables you to have a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Ultra-safe, super-efficient and available in eight tap designs and three finishes. 

With a stand-by useage of just 3 pence a day this stylish yet practical tap is anything but wasteful. It has many safety features including a double push and turn handle for boiling water and insulated spout to ensure everyone is safe using the sink.

Visit our  Quooker tap  page for further information or pop-in to our showroom to see it working.

By Chris Lunn 13 Apr, 2017

It’s only a couple of weeks until Anthony Mullan Furniture will be showing off the latest kitchen innovations, design and technology at Grand Designs Live! At London’s ExCel from the 29th April – 7th May 2017, Grand Designs Live will be offering visitors a unique opportunity to experience all the latest home and interior trends. With seven different sections offering different ideas for your home, you don’t want to miss this awesome and inspirational event! Visit us at the show for bespoke furniture and kitchen projects, both big and small, for your home.

Check out the highlights from last year’s show!

By Tony Mullan 24 Mar, 2017
Over the last few months Anthony Mullan Furniture have been very busy preparing for The Ideal Home Show, an exciting and renowned exhibition starting today! With a stunning kitchen island, stylish storage and all the latest kitchen appliances and technology on full display, we can't wait to meet the first visitors tomorrow morning. The team is looking great, ready to impress!

 The Ideal Home Show is running up until the 9th of April, and has a host of fantastic interior design, furniture, home decor and home improvement businesses exhibiting, so get your ticket now! It's not too late - get your ticket here
By Tony Mullan 13 Mar, 2017

Planning a brand new kitchen means contemplating a huge number of complicated and confusing decisions, from the layout, the design, the cabinets, the lighting... flooring...tiles… the list goes on and on! However there is one decision that often gets left until last minute, drowned out by all the more daunting kitchen decisions… what kind of sink will you choose?

Don’t know where to start? Here are a couple of options to think about:

1/ Size isn’t Everything… But It Can Make A Big Difference

With so many shapes and sizes of sink to choose from nowadays, you need to consider the pros and cons. With available sinks getting larger and deeper, you can soak larger pans and dishes, it also makes preparing large amounts of food an easier task. Larger, deeper sinks such as Farmhouse sinks are very popular, however they lack versatility compared to double sinks.

By Tony Mullan 22 Feb, 2017

With The Ideal home Show approaching on the 24 March - 9 April 2017 at Olympia, London, we are getting prepared to unveil our latest range. We can’t wait to showcase our kitchen sets which will also include a bespoke island and of course a range of high-tech appliances from NEFF and other incredible design touches.

We look forward to seeing you there as you enjoy the best of home interior inspiration, garden design ideas, fashion, technology and more at this award winning show!

Buy your tickets
here .
By Catherine Dove 24 Jan, 2017

With the kitchen being the central interior of the modern home, you need to make sure that your design and renovation choices are contemporary and on trend, whilst being long-lasting and bringing value to your home. We’ve chosen 5 of the best, enduring and stylish trends in the world of kitchens of 2017.

By Catherine Dove 11 Jan, 2017

From teenage  bedrooms  that never seem to show any floor space, to couples’ bedrooms that have full to bursting shared wardrobes, bedrooms are often the most cluttered, disorganised and least functional rooms of the house. Research shows that a clean and tidy bedroom is conducive towards a good night’s sleep as it puts your mind at ease allowing you better rest. We want to create the ideal bedroom furniture and storage for your lifestyle and routine, whilst ensuring your interior is characteristic of the style and theme that suits your preferences. Here are a few tips to help you choose furniture that is uniquely perfect for your bedroom:

Strategic Storage

Suitable storage for your interior is essential to a functional and stylish bedroom.  Bespoke furniture  wastes no space; it is created to ensure it utilises every inch of the interior available. From corner cupboards and underbed storage to fully fitted walk-in wardrobes, the options are endless to minimise clutter and expand space. With our fitted wardrobes coming in a huge array of materials, colours and styles, your storage can become a contemporary and functional aesthetic piece for your interior.

By Tony Mullan 22 Dec, 2016

We are excited to announce that the Anthony Mullan Furniture Sale is now on! We have a huge range of offers on kitchen furniture, islands and appliances as well as bespoke study and bedroom furniture and storage. Book your FREE design consultation  to discuss how our bespoke furniture services could enhance your home, and at brilliant prices too! Contact us on 01628 632 033 or drop us an email on  to get in on some amazing offers. 

The benefits of bespoke furniture  in your interior are endless, so why not treat yourself for 2017?

By Tony Mullan 07 Dec, 2016

Do you ever feel that the workspace around you at home just isn’t facilitating everything you need to get done? Particularly if you work from home in the day, your study should be the ideal environment, physically and mentally, to attentively do what your job requires. Bespoke furniture is unique to you, and at Anthony Mullan Furniture we can discuss with you exactly what you require to utilise your study space. Your precise requirements can be fulfilled, whether you need as much organised storage space as physically possible, or a minimalist workspace for creative thinking.

By Tony Mullan 31 Oct, 2016

The traditional kitchen is designed to emanate warmth and comfort. Traditional design aesthetics can be inspired from a range of periods and locations, from Victorian and Edwardian styles to early American and Old World approaches.  The term ‘traditional’ encompasses many styles, but what defines a traditional kitchen is its eclectic mixture of trends and approaches, that incorporate intricacies and ornamentation not found in the ‘purist’ clean lines of contemporary kitchens. The elegance of graceful lines, detailed adornments, intricate patterns, carved molding and antique furnishings (and so much more) combine to create a kitchen that will never age.

By Tony Mullan 06 Oct, 2016

We are proud to announce that JSA Architects have chosen to use Anthony Mullan bespoke furniture in their new showroom. As well as architecture and commercial planning, JSA specialise in creative interior design, including new kitchens and bathrooms.

As clients enter the JSA showroom, they can be inspired by our quality design and production of furniture. From the innovative and unique circular side table to the flawless drawer design, our contemporary kitchen island is sure to impress!

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