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By Catherine Dove 24 Jan, 2017

With the kitchen being the central interior of the modern home, you need to make sure that your design and renovation choices are contemporary and on trend, whilst being long-lasting and bringing value to your home. We’ve chosen 5 of the best, enduring and stylish trends in the world of kitchens of 2017.

By Catherine Dove 23 Jan, 2017

We are proud to announce that Anthony Mullan Furniture are Sponsoring the Chef of the Year Award 2017 for the Berkshire & Buckingham Life Food & Drink Awards. These awards celebrate our region’s food, drink and hospitality industry, from local producers and suppliers to the restaurant of the year, pubs and hoteliers.

The Chef of the Year Award will celebrate someone who has devoted himself or herself to the best possible food, from technical ability to the presentation of each dish. The award looks for a passion for great food and flavours.

We have a huge passion for facilitating the creation of beautiful food in a stylish, contemporary kitchen with top-of-the-range appliances to ensure the very best dishes. Therefore we are excited to sponsor the Chef of the Year Award 2017 and can’t wait to see who the talented winner will be.

Don’t let your kitchen hold you back from creating perfectly delicious dishes in your own home.  Get in touch  to discuss how we can create your dream kitchen.

By Catherine Dove 11 Jan, 2017

From teenage  bedrooms  that never seem to show any floor space, to couples’ bedrooms that have full to bursting shared wardrobes, bedrooms are often the most cluttered, disorganised and least functional rooms of the house. Research shows that a clean and tidy bedroom is conducive towards a good night’s sleep as it puts your mind at ease allowing you better rest. We want to create the ideal bedroom furniture and storage for your lifestyle and routine, whilst ensuring your interior is characteristic of the style and theme that suits your preferences. Here are a few tips to help you choose furniture that is uniquely perfect for your bedroom:

Strategic Storage

Suitable storage for your interior is essential to a functional and stylish bedroom.  Bespoke furniture  wastes no space; it is created to ensure it utilises every inch of the interior available. From corner cupboards and underbed storage to fully fitted walk-in wardrobes, the options are endless to minimise clutter and expand space. With our fitted wardrobes coming in a huge array of materials, colours and styles, your storage can become a contemporary and functional aesthetic piece for your interior.

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